January 31, 2018

(Hagåtña) — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo continues taking action to promote safety in Guam by commuting the sentences of Karson Lukas and Christopher Rengiil, both of whom are non-US citizens serving time in prison. 

Karson Lukas: The 42-year-old was found guilty of second-degree criminal sexual conduct as a first-degree Felony. He was sentenced to five years incarceration at Guam’s Department of Corrections. Taxpayers paid for Lukas’s stay in Guam’s Correctional Facility to the tune of approximately $273,750.00.

Christopher Rengiil: The 61-year-old Rengiil was found guilty of second-degree criminal conduct as a first-degree felony and was sentenced to seven years incarceration. Rengiil cost taxpayers approximately $218,850.00 for housing, food, and basic necessities prior to commutation.

It costs about $119 a day, or more than $43,000 a year, to house, feed and provide for the basic needs of each individual at the Department of Corrections.

U.S. immigration officials flagged both inmate’s files as having committed deportable crimes and placed a federal detainer thus kick-starting the commutation process.

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