June 26, 2018
Hagåtña – Our island’s war survivors represent the greatest generation there ever was. Today, we come together to honor the strength and resilience that paved the way towards the peaceful life we know today.
“This is a story of a Chamorro people who suffered, but rose above the hardship and rebuilt an island of strength for our people and our families. This is a reminder of our island’s faith in the Lord. Thank you for the hope you left behind,” said Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.
For 32 months, the Chamorro people suffered the harsh realities of war. They endured physical abuse, torture and enslavement, leaving more than 1,100 of the Chamorro people with wounds that will never heal.
“I thank all our war survivors for guiding me with their wisdom throughout my life. Guam is my home, and I will always remember the atrocities the Chamorro people had to endure, and the way they have shaped a strong generation to follow. I will never forget, and I honor our survivors and those we have lost,” said Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.
We also recognize the Manenggon Memorial Foundation, the Chagui’an Massacre Memorial Committee, the Tinta and Faha Massacre Memorial organizers, and the Sumay Memorial organizers for ensuring all war survivors’ sacrifices and those we lost during the war are never forgotten.
The Guam Museum will also be offering free access to the Museum Permanent Exhibit for war survivors this Thursday, June 28, 2018.

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