“There are a lot of criticisms out there and I hear every one. And I just wish they come and see our work what we have to do every minute of it. I’ve seen it all, outpatient side and inpatient side I am so proud of people who work at GMH. It doesn’t take an experienced medical director like me, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.” – Dr. Kozue Shimabukuro, Asst. Associate Director of Medical Services
Today, Dr. Shimabukuro wore a black armband. She wore it in a memory of her patients that passed away. 
“We are in dire need of help every day. That’s the reason you hear it from every single doctor. You hear it from every doctor, general surgeons, pediatricians, internal medicine, podiatrists — we are all here to speak at the same thing. Are you getting tired of all of our messages? … The dire need of a healthcare rescue bill is apparent in every single one of our eyes as health workers.”
This isn’t the first time healthcare professionals have spoken before lawmakers, asking for a solution.
“I urge you senators: you were elected to represent your people – rich and poor, children and grown-ups, elderly and dying and healthy. All of them. You promised when you were elected you would protect your children. Please consider this bill as a rescue bill, not for GMH, but for your own community. Consider this a rescue bill for your people, the people of Guam. We are not politicians, you are. Don’t let us be here again to testify like this. Do your job, please. So that all of us can get back to our job in the hospital.”
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