NEWS: Your tax refunds are in Senators hands
In day three now of special session on tax refunds and senators are again with the Governor’s fiscal team who continue to fight for tax refunds, but have another fight on their hands — fighting for up to 1,000 government of Guam jobs.
Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo sent the Speaker a $68 million threshold of Section 30 funds for war claims. That would pit the tax refunds against war claims. According to the Speaker BJ Cruz last week, if this number is correct it could lead to the layoff of approximately 1,000 government employees. In a press release that was quoted by a number of media organizations. The Pacific Daily News noted:
“But Cruz said the bill obligates next fiscal year’s Section 30 money to pay off the loan this fiscal year. That means the Section 30 will no longer be available next fiscal year, leading to a funding shortfall and possible furloughs or layoffs. “I want to pay for tax refunds just as fast as Gov. Calvo does, but I cannot condone massive furloughs or the loss of up to 1,000 public sector jobs to do it,” he stated.
The Governor and his administration will continue to fight for tax refunds. They also will fight for the higher threshold of $120 million as to not endanger the jobs of our government of Guam employees. We cannot state strongly enough how dangerous it is to acquiesce to the lower threshold of $68 million. We hope senators and the Congresswoman join us in this fight.
At the end of the day, however, Bill 1(1-S) is about authorizing the use of a Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note (TRAN) as a tool to get tax refunds out to our people faster while also saving money on interest. The bill helps us to fulfill an obligation to our people to get them their money. This is not a favor. It is an obligation.
For three days now, the fiscal team has provided information and answered questions. The Governor is calling on the Senator to vote now.
For those 40,000 people waiting for their tax refunds, call your senators and encourage them to vote for your tax refunds.
Speaker BJ Cruz: 477-2520/1
Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje: 472-3586
Sen. Regine Biscoe Lee: 472-3455
Sen. Thomas Ada: 473-3301/02
Sen. Joe S. San Agustin: 989-5445
Sen. Telena Cruz Nelson: 989-4678
Sen. Michael F.Q. San Nicolas: 472-6453
Sen. Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.: 649-8638/0511
Sen. Frank B. Aguon: 475-4861/2
Sen. James Espaldon: 475-4546
Sen. Tommy Morrison: 478-8669
Sen. Mary Torres: 475-6279
Sen. Louise B. Muna: 969-9852/9853
Sen. Wil Castro: 969-1225/6
Sen. Fernando B. Esteves: 969-3376

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