Håfa Adai,


In this week’s address, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo thanks the Guam Memorial Hospital for their dedication to patient care. 


The audio is attached and to see the video can go to the Governor’s YouTube Channel. You can also follow along with the transcript shown below.


Hafa Adai my dear people of Guam,


I want to

​first of all 




hank everyone at the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority for their professionalism and their dedication to patient care. I have had many experiences there, of course. My kids were born at the hospital, and as they became older and got more active, I saw more of the emergency room when there was an accident on the field and one of them would need stitches or a cast. Each time I went, the Guam Memorial Hospital staff proved themselves to be efficient and friendly.


My kids are grown now – and have even made me a grandpa – but the hospital hasn’t changed much in all of these years.


The nurses and doctors and techs and other staff have been a consistent and positive force at our hospital. With the support of their administration, they gained accreditation and have managed to maintain it – but they haven’t had the full support of the Government. And they need that support now more than ever – they need buildings that can stay dry inside even as it rains outside – they need facilities that provide the staff with the space and equipment they need to help our people.


Very recently, within a little more than a week, I’ve had two family members that have received tender loving care from GMH. The first was a joyous occasion where GMH welcomed the birth of my youngest grandson…again all healthcare professionals provided excellent care for him and his mother. And for that, I look forward to even more improvements to the labor and delivery ward in the months ahead.


The other instance was a more anxious and painful experience was when father was admitted for care. Again, the staff came through with stellar service and was able to nurse my father back to recovery.  Now that he is out. He has to get tests done at an outside clinic with equipment not currently available at GMH. I want to congratulate the doctors and staff that cared for my father and their exemplary work. The lack of equipment at the hospital is no fault of their own. They made do with what they had, and a great job it was!


There are thousands in this community that can relate to the experiences I have encountered. So its difficult for me to fathom how anyone would not support our continued efforts to build a hospital that can provide for all their patients needs.


We have been fighting this fight for more than a year now. And I will continue to fight. Because I don’t know about anyone else – I don’t know if Speaker BJ Cruz or Sen. Therese Terlaje, Sen. Tom Ada or Sen. Regine Biscoe Lee or Sen. Tommy Morrison or any of the other senators – if you or a loved one will ever need medical attention at our island’s only public hospital. But I hope that if that day ever comes – they will have all the equipment they need to care for your loved one.


To all of you who stand with us in wanting to infuse new life into the hospital, Un Dangkalu na Si Yu’os Ma’åse from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless you and God Bless Guam!​


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