Hagåtña, Guam – Those awaiting tax refunds will not have to wait much longer. The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration will be paying out, in short order, qualified A-Status tax refunds filed to date, with the cash boost from the receipt of some $70 million in Section 30 funds today.

Our first priority as an Administration is and continues to be strict fiscal discipline. The payment of tax refunds has always been one of those priorities. Since taking office, the Fiscal Discipline Team implemented a system which ensured that refunds are paid on a consistent, weekly basis,” stated Governor Leon Guerrero.

As the Fiscal Discipline Team continues to make progress in stabilizing finances through aggressive collections and prudent cash management, the timely payment of tax refunds, as well as all other obligations of the government, will continue to improve.

No Organic Act amendment is needed to do what we have done through diligent work and implementing sound policies geared towards fiscal solvency,” added Governor Leon Guerrero.

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