Hafa Adai everyone, 
Below is the Acting Governor’s special message to the people of Guam on tax refunds. He and Governor Calvo continue to fight for your tax refunds in court and they thank those senators who supported their tax refund bill.
These Senators include:
– Senator Wil Castro
– Senator Louise Borja Muna
– Senator Fernando Esteves
– Senator Tommy Morrison
– Senator Joe San Agustin
– Senator Dennis Rodriguez
– Senator Frank Aguon, Jr.
The transcript of Acting Governor Ray Tenorio is below. The video can also be seen by clicking on this link the Governor’s YouTube Channel.
Buenas yan Hafa Adai:
61 million dollars. 61 Million dollars of your money in tax refunds is what our administration will be sending to you in the next few days. You have been asking for this money and it is what our administration has been trying to get to you. You will finally get the money that is owed to you and that you need — to pay obligations, to take care of your family, medical needs, or do things you want.
I have been talking to you and you have consistently told me you need your refund as soon as possible. I’ve heard your plea, as did the Govenor and the majority of senators. You didn’t need to wait for Section 30 money to pay your refund. Our tax payers certainly should not have had to wait this long. A few months ago, our Administration asked the Legislature to pass-as we believe the majority of them did- the Tax Revenue Anticipation Note bill, or TRAN. 
This would-be law should have already gotten you your tax refunds months ago. We always put the needs of our people first, and we would presume all other leaders would do the same, but some decided to turn it into a political game. Once again, Speaker BJ Cruz is using the people of Guam as pawns of his political chess game. He claims that he was under-promising Section 30 so he can over-deliver!?! The only thing he under-promised is his ability.
Our Administration works towards a solution in all we do, but the others chose to stand in the way of these answers to peoples’ problems by asking the federal government to hold $10 million-worth of Section 30 money, or for some inexplicable reason to pay Section 30 in a piece meal fashion over the years. Both of these problems would make it nearly impossible to get tax refunds to you.
Governor Calvo and I have fought hard for our people and we will continue our fight, be it in the legislature or the courts, to meet our promise to YOU. YOU are OUR bottom line. We work for YOU, the people of Guam. We won’t underpromise nor underdeliver.
Si Yu’os Ma’ase, Maraming Salamat Po, and thank you very much. God bless us all.

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