RE: Statement on Games of Chance Draft Rules and Regulations
Hagåtña, Guam – The Administration has been made aware that the submission of the draft
rules and regulations for Games of Chance at the Liberation Carnival is incomplete.
Every effort was made in good faith to submit the draft rules and regulations to the
Speaker’s Office, recognizing that the Legislature must still review the draft rules and
regulations within a certain timeframe.
The first submission was made by our office on April 5 without the required signatures of
the Attorney General, Mayor’s Council of Guam, and Director of the Department of Revenue
and Taxation (DRT), or their respective authorized representatives. An amended
submission was made with the required signatures, however, we were further made aware
that the amended submission was not compliant with Public Law 35-4.
“In our haste to deliver draft rules and regulations to bring back Games of Chance for
the upcoming and future carnivals, we neglected to include portions that we had
already discussed and agreed to between our Administration and the Mayor’s
Council. We appreciate the patience of Speaker Tina Muña-Barnes’ office, and have
been working more closely with her so that the Legislature has sufficient time to
consider the proposal. I have apologized for our oversight and have assured Speaker
Muña-Barnes that corrections will be made and submitted as soon as possible,” said
Chief of Staff Tony Babauta.
For inquiries, please contact Janela Carrera, Director of Communications, at 488-1408


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