Barrigada, GU – The Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation (“DRT”) announced today that it has processed
another 43 EIP 2 checks totaling approximately $62,214.00 EIP 2 was authorized by the COVID-related Tax Relief
Act of 2020 (CRTRA).

Checks were transmitted to the Treasurer of Guam for mailing this week.

To date, 75,155 EIP 2 checks totaling approximately $78,982,426.00 have been processed. March 19, 2021 is the
last date that EIP 2 payments will be made.

Basis for EIP 2 Program Payment Processing
EIP 2 Program payments are based on validly filed and processed 2019 Guam Individual Income Tax Returns or for
non-filers, validly filed and processed Forms EIP-NF filed by November 21, 2020.

You can find DRT’s FAQ on the Guam EIP Program in the COVID-19 section of the DRT website at

DRT’s call center numbers are 635-1840/41/42/57 and 635-7603/04/06.

Due to high call volumes, however, DRT recommends e-mailing general questions regarding the Guam EIP
Program to


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