Hagåtña — $3.1 million (M) in tax refund checks will be mailed to 1,049 families on Monday

The Department of Revenue and Taxation printed the checks and they’ll be sent to the Department of Administration to be processed and mailed out. The checks cover status A returns that qualify for refunds or EITC up to Feb. 12.  

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said:  “I want to thank all of the folks at the Department of Revenue and Taxation, the Department of Administration and all of the men and women of GovGuam for your efforts!”

“The Government of Guam employees who are working hard to ensure we are able to meet our obligations should be commended – for they continue to work hard even as they work with a decrease in funding this fiscal year of $30 million,” Governor Calvo stated. “Additionally, they are faced with the an uncertain Fiscal Year 2019 with Senators who have stripped away the safety net without a solution for GovGuam, Guam Memorial Hospital or the Department of Education.” 

The Governor added his thanks to the people of Guam for their patience in waiting for tax refunds. If the majority at the Legislature had allowed the tax revenue anticipation note to be utilized, tax refunds would have been paid out and people wouldn’t still be waiting. Monies being paid out now, would be paying the note to the bank until the end of the fiscal year.

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