Buenos Dias my family and friends,
Every morning when I wake, I count my blessings that I live on such a beautiful island with a loving community.
We have people who work hard to make life better for themselves, their families and our island as a whole. Together we have been able to lift our island to a new level. We have more buses, police cars, fire trucks and ambulances than we’ve had in many years. Tax refunds are being sent out within months of filing, and not years.
We’ve come so far and its because of the work of different people who were able to set aside their differences and work together with one goal: making Guam a better place to live.
Having said that, there’s more work to do.
We need to be innovative and keep our economy growing so when our children graduate from college they have opportunities — not just for jobs but opportunities to bring new and exciting industries to Guam.
We need to get Medicare and Medicaid levels increased for Guam so that we’re treated the same as other jurisdictions across the nation … we need to support our doctors and nurses at Guam Memorial Hospital with the supplies, materials and facilities they need to do their jobs …
All of this, requires that we continue to work together with that same focus that has kept us on that path up the mountain.
I encourage everyone to do their part and speak out this week. Look at the accomplishments of everyone who is running for office, whether it’s a vice mayor, mayor, senator, or Congress.
Look at what they have accomplished. What work did they put their hands to? What effort did they make that resulted in life being better for the people of our island?
And when you’ve answered those questions, I encourage you to go out and vote on Saturday in the primary election as your heart dictates.
Thank you everyone! God bless you and we’ll see you at the polls!

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