Buenas dihas!
The Governor, this week, discusses legislation that offers no real solutions and the consequences of such legislation. To watch the Governor deliver this message, click here: Video of Governor’s discussion on Bill 151-34.
Hafa Adai everyone!
I want to start by thanking the Senators for passing the bills to provide the Department of Education with money they need to make school repairs this summer. I have signed both bills into law. I’m sure our students and their parents, as well as teachers, school administration and staff, will appreciate the soon-to-be improved conditions at their schools.
I do take exception at the bills that step over the line of legislative policy-making into legislative power-tripping that offers no real solutions but creates major problems.
A new bill introduced by the former rules chairman is, at its best, legislative incompetence or at its worst , calculated maliciousness. This latest legislation would cut millions of dollars in funding for school bus operations, street lights, and assistance to the University of Guam and Guam Community College as well as the Department of Education.
Bill 151-34 would take away from these budgets without providing alternate sources, similar to a recent issue with the carnival when a funding source was taken away and no solution provided.
Instead of solving a funding mechanism that the former rules chairman NOW says is problem, he is dispassionately creating a whole slew of problems for various agencies; there doesn’t seem to be any real thought put into this bill. I hope other senators see through this blasé treatment of government operations and continue to work with GovGuam agencies that provide our community with services we need to keep our island moving in the right direction.
God bless you all and God bless the people of Guam!

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