Statement from the Governor on the Blue House Convictions
The following is the Governor’s reaction to the convictions in the Blue House trial in the Superior Court:
Ray and I, on behalf of the Guamanian people, thank Prosecutor Jonathan Quan, the investigators at the Attorney General’s Office, Chief Prosecutor Basil O’Mallan, Chief Deputy AG Phil Tydingco, and Attorney General Lenny Rapadas for pursuing justice to the full extent of the law and securing these convictions. This is a message to everyone, from the man on the street to anyone who will occupy the halls of Adelup that no one is above the law. No one has the right to abuse women and enslave them with fear.
The fact that these criminals used the color of their authority as police officers to hurt and violate these women is despicable and, as justice presents today, intolerable. These men brought shame to their office and their oath. They embarrassed their fellow officers, who work on the side of justice every day. While Guam’s finest have been risking their lives for the security of our people, these men were hurting women. Ray and I commend Police Chief Fred Bordallo, Commander Maurice Sayama, and the special investigators who gathered all the evidence, interviewed the witnesses, and presented the facts that the prosecutors needed to build their case.
Justice came, but it took some time. The Blue House case shined the light on what is wrong with the system, and how it can improve. It reminded us as a community about the critical role of the media in our system of laws and justice. Guam’s reporters pushed this case into the public spotlight, causing authorities to take a closer look and pursue the truth.
The real heroes here are the victims. After all they have been through, they came forward with courage and they took the stand to face the people who once wielded so much power over them. Today there are people to thank for restoring faith in our system of justice, but there is no celebration. While the criminals are being put away to answer for their crimes, nothing can erase the horror they put those women through.
Our administration will reach out to the victims to provide any services they may need to help them through the nightmare they have lived. The government provides services to victims of violence. Non-profit organizations are filled with caring souls who help women and children through tough situations.
If there is one message that has come through loud and clear, it is this: if you are the victim of someone’s violence and abuse, come forward and we will free you from these crimes. We will pursue justice to the ends of the earth, and justice will prevail for you and for this community. Today, the bad guys lost, and the good guys won.

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