“We announced the next batch of refunds will go out in the late summer.  Parents came up to me to ask if we could release it sooner — in time for back-to-school preparations.  Today, I’m ordering the release of $12 million in refunds.  This will help not only the families who need a little bit of support to buy uniforms and supplies, but all Guamanians who deserve their tax refunds.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
“Budgets always have promised to pay more than $100 million in tax refunds within a fiscal year, but it was never actually paid in full — until now.  We’re keeping our promises.” — Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio
$12M in refunds to nearly 5,000 taxpayers
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has ordered the release of $12 million in tax refunds.  This brings the total of tax refunds paid this fiscal year to more than $100 million.  This is the first time in Guam’s history that this amount is paid in a single fiscal year without the use of a bond or other financing.  The announcement was made this morning at the launch of a month-long initiative to help island families.
The Departments of Administration and Revenue and Taxation will process and cut the checks, and will be mailing them tomorrow.  This batch of refunds will be sent to 4,890 taxpayers, and will cover tax returns filed up to March 24, 2013.

End of Release


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