“I’ve directed the fiscal team to release the balance of what we’ve saved for tax refunds. We will keep making the right decisions so this government continues to pay refunds on time. We will stay on this course of fiscal responsibility so we can pay all of the liabilities government accrued in the last two decades.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Latest Payments Cover Those Who Filed on or Before February 12                      
The Governor has ordered the release of nearly $21 million in tax refunds. This should cover error-free tax refunds filed on or before February 12 this year. The Department of Revenue and Taxation will print the checks tonight, and deliver the checks to the Department of Administration for final processing tomorrow. DOA should deliver the checks to the post office by tomorrow afternoon.
Breakdown of the Latest Payment of Refunds                                                              
–       $20,590,331 for 6,585 checks for Tax Year 2012 refunds
–       $205,093 for 124 checks for prior tax years that were filed this year
Refunds Remaining                                                                                                             
After this mail-out, there will be 7,813 error-free tax refunds remaining to be paid. These were filed since February 13. This represents $21,968,548 in refunds. There are other claims for refunds filed in January, February, and March that have errors and will not become Status-A refunds until taxpayers fix these errors. The administration will continue holding the line on spending so the Treasury can gather the cash to pay tax refunds timely.
Another Fiscal Milestone                                                                                                   
The Calvo Tenorio administration has met a number of milestones in its commitment to pay tax refunds:
1.     In December 2011 all error-free refunds were paid and made current for the first time in 20 years.
2.     By December 2012 all refunds were paid within the same year filed for the first time in two decades.
3.     As of today, this is the first time in two decades the government is paying tax refunds within timeframe without the aid of a bond or other financing instrument.
Have Questions?                                                                                                                  
Call the Department of Revenue and Taxation at 635-1840/1/2 if you have any questions about your tax refund claim.

End of Release

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