“This is yet another fantastic accomplishment from our fiscal team: to pay all remaining Status-A refunds processed.  I thank all the hardworking men and women in these agencies who are committed to paying Guamanians the money they deserve.  We will keep paying refunds as soon as we can — and with our track record, that means well in advance of the six-month deadline.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor orders release of $2.6M in refunds                                                               
On Thursday, $2.6 million in tax refunds will be mailed out to island residents.  Governor Eddie Baza Calvo just ordered the release of the money minutes ago.  The Department of Revenue and Taxation estimates 1,254 Guamanians will get a check as part of this release.
Payment covers all Status-A refunds processed                                                         
This payment will cover all remaining Status-A returns.  To date, DRT has refunded tax returns filed up to May 5.  Residents who have error-free returns filed to that date should expect a refund.
DRT continues to work with taxpayers to address problems with their filed returns, which is classified as “E” or “S” Status.  There are about 938 taxpayers with an estimated $4.2 million in refunds that have not been refunded because of unresolved issues with their tax returns.

End of Release

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