Calvo Encourages Students and Community Leaders to Speak Up
Bullying has become a prevalent problem in our community. Whether it’s name-calling, or violence, bullying threatens the development of our island’s children. This month, the Governor’s Office, with the Judiciary of Guam, and the Guam Department of Education, join forces to raise awareness about this problem, and educate the community on ways for Guamanians to end bullying in our schools and in our island.
Below is a transcript of what the Governor said right before declaring October as Bullying Prevention Month.
Note: You can watch a video of the proclamation signing by clicking here.
Transcript of Governor’s Remarks:
“I want to welcome all of you here, representatives from all branches of government, but most particularly our students — the future of our island. It’s such a pleasure to have you all here this morning.
For some of you young ones, I don’t know if you read the newspaper, or watch the news, but lately, and I know those in our judicial branch and some of the adults here, have been seeing what’s been happening in the headlines.
There are too many incidences in the headlines of crime in our island – and violent crime. I had an opportunity to be at the District Court the other day, where we had the Red Ribbon proclamation. And that was commemorating all those in law enforcement that are fighting this very difficult war on drugs. We’ve had also proclamations dealing with family violence just the other day.
To all of you, the students, to me, this is what’s very important right here, today, because what we see in society, what’s happening out there when it comes to crime, it has a root. And, some of those same individuals that are committing crimes now as adults, they may have started at their early ages in a situation of bullying. And it was either them bullying or them being bullied.
And, what I believe is so important for all of us here as adults, and in positions of power, to be with you, all our young students, all the future of Guam, is understanding that we all have to work together. Us here as adults doing everything that we can do to assist you in efforts to curb bullying that happens in all of our schools.
And, for all of you here, too, I’m so glad to see you here. You’re going to be the cheerleaders, you’re going to be out there spreading the message that bullying will not be accepted. So with that, it’s an honor and a pleasure to be here this morning, and I look forward to signing this proclamation. And, again, let’s stamp out bullying in all our schools, I want to see all of you folks out there, you young students, being there to be the champions of stamping out bullying!

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