Calvo Breaks Tradition, Testifies before Senators
Governor supports Bill No. 3; first to testify in first hearing of 31st Legislature
Immediate Release: January 19, 2011
In an unprecedented display of cooperation and commitment to work together, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo went to the Legislature this morning to testify on Bill No. 3.
This is the first time in recent history a sitting Governor has testified before senators.
“This is a tremendous step forward,” Governor Calvo said. “Bill No. 3 will address the short term cash problems and the long-term financial situation.”
Bill No. 3 creates a working group of executive and legislative leaders to address the growing budget deficit. It was introduced by Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz. The Governor testified in support of the bill. It was the first public hearing of the Thirty-first Guam Legislature. The Governor was the first to testify.
“With all of us working together, the deficit can be worked down, but it will take some time,” Governor Calvo said. “The passage of Bill No. 3 will be a step in the right direction.”
Vice Speaker Cruz thanked the Governor for working together with the Legislature in fixing problems.

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