The Legislature, right now, is hosting GMH officials for an informational hearing on the solutions to the hospital’s future, which includes Sen. Dennis Rodriguez’s Bill No. 340.
Governor Eddie Calvo, who is watching the hearing, has this initial reaction:
“Senators seem to be asking thoughtful questions in an effort to understand the solutions we’re proposing for Guam Memorial Hospital. This is wonderful, because they’re giving the people of Guam the opportunity to hear the facts from the experts at GMH. And those experts are answering these questions with firm answers and data that are dispelling many of the myths Vice Speaker Cruz and Sen. San Nicolas may have believed. Hopefully they have a change of heart after tonight and will support these solutions, starting with this bill by Sen. Rodriguez.”
Gov. Calvo also thanks Sen. Rory Respicio for making the decisions that allowed for this process to move forward. And he thanks Sen. Rodriguez for holding tonight’s informational hearing and scheduling a public hearing on his bill.


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