Governor Commends Guardsmen on Impressive Exercise Ahead of Deployment, Promotes Guam Son to Lt. Colonel
October 16, 2012
(Fort Irwin, CA) – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo witnessed first-hand how Guamanian soldiers impress top officials in the military today. At the invitation of Adjutant General Benny Paulino, the Governor visited Guam soldiers preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan. The soldiers, who are part of the 29th Infantry Brigade and known as “Team I’fit,” are training in Fort Irwin, California, home to the the National Training Center.
These men are sacrificing their safety and putting their lives on hold to defend our freedoms. In my experience, I know how much it means to these soldiers to see the support of their leaders. Not many governors make the time to thank servicemembers while they are away from home–when they need it most. I’m proud that Governor Calvo recognizes how important this visit is,” General Paulino said.
Fort Irwin has been a main training facility for the military since the 1930s. This base has a wide array of equipment, personnel, and facilities to simulate almost any situation our military may encounter. It also has opportunities to train with robotics and telecommunications that aren’t found elsewhere in the nation. During a meeting, the fort’s commander, Brigadier General Terry Ferrell, let Governor Calvo know the exercise our Guamanian soldiers participated in was the most complex the fort has ever had in its history. More impressive still, Guam’s sons performed above and beyond expectations. Their counterparts from other states also looked to our soldiers as examples and leaders during the exercise.
Guam’s military members are among the best and brightest in the nation. That’s not just my opinion, but it’s also the opinion of every commanding officer who meets these brave men and women,” Governor Calvo said. “It is with the deepest gratitude and greatest pride that I thank these men and women for the service they do. I thank Brigadier General Ferrell for his kind words for our men, and especially thank the soldiers in ‘Team I’fit‘ for proving how patriotic and capable Guamanians are.”
The brigade is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan next month.


Governor Calvo also promoted Franklin Babauta, a Guam soldier from the brigade, to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Frank is a good man, dedicated to his family, island, and country. He is deserving of this rank, and all of the prestige it comes with,” Governor Calvo said.


Three photos are linked for your reference and use. Their cutlines follow:

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo meets Brigadier General Terry Ferrell, commander of Fort Irwin, CA. The Governor visited the fort in support of 13 Guam who are training to deploy to Afghanistan next month. During the visit, Gen. Ferrell commended the local soldiers for their excellent performance in the fort’s most complex exercise to date.

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo promotes soldier Franklin Babauta to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at Fort Irwin, CA. The Governor visited the fort in support of 13 Guam who are training to deploy to Afghanistan next month.

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Major General Benny Paulino take a photo with 13 Guam soldiers set to deploy to Afghanistan next month. The leaders visited the guardsmen in Fort Irwin, CA to show support for their service and sacrifice. (Bottom, L-R. SGT Ambo Reyes, SSG Manno Raigelig, SFC Ramon Munoz, LTC Franklin Babauta, CW Noel Camaganacan, CPT John Guerrero, MAJ GEN Benny Paulino, Gov. Calvo, SPC R.K. Kaminga, LTC Frank Tominez, CW3 Daniel Duvall, CW3 Christopher Iwashita, SGT Noel Custodio. Top, L-R. CSM Dan Elliott, SPC Mark Aquino, CPT Vincent Guerrero, SSG Joseph Aquino, SSG Joey Cruz.)

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