The Governor’s Office needs to clarify false media reports causing public confusion about Operation Dragon. A news story surfaced suggesting that Operation Dragon was cancelled. News reporters have been asking whether the Governor’s Chief of Staff ordered Operation Dragon, and then ordered its suspension.

  1. First, Operation Dragon is a police operation that involves much more than bar compliance with the drinking-age law. It also includes enforcement of littering and parking laws. It is a very good operation, which the administration supports, especially considering the sacrifices our men and women in blue are making.
  1. Operation Dragon was created by and run by the Guam Police Department. The Chief of Staff did not order it because he didn’t have to. The men and women in blue are creative, passionate, and proactive enough to create programs like these to benefit the community.
  1. The Chief of Staff, nor anyone at the Governor’s Office, did not suspend Operation Dragon. Based on complaints by some regarding the alleged improper enforcement of the law, the Governor’s Office is investigating certain practices and will make further decisions after carefully reviewing the facts.

We reiterate that Operation Dragon, overall, is a very good program of the Guam Police Department. The police officers are driven to enforce the law with even fewer resources than they’ve ever had. We hope this clarifies all the rumors and conjecture surrounding these events.

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