CMCC Meeting Postponed
Governor awaits selections for Guam First Commission
Press Update: February 9, 2011
The second meeting of the Civil-Military Coordination Council planned for February 10 has been postponed and will be held at a later date.
On February 3, one of the federal resource agencies proposed a fundamental discussion on how the CMCC will apply adaptive program management (APM) which was mentioned in the Record of Decision.
To gain a better understanding on how APM could be applied, a workshop will be held on Guam in mid-March 2011, which will include attendees from the government of Guam agencies, who are specifically involved in build-up projects.
According to the Initial Charter provided in the Record of Decision, the CMCC will be the focal point for all civil-military coordination activities related to the buildup until the strategic realignment of forces is complete.  The CMCC would serve as the interface between DOD, the governments of Guam and the CNMI, federal agencies, and the public for all construction related issues.
Meanwhile, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is awaiting the selection of two members to the Guam First Commission. He sent a letter last week to the Guam Chamber of Commerce requesting their recommendation for the Governor’s appointment. He also asked the President of the Department of Chamorro Affairs to coordinate an election among the members of the Chamorro rights organizations. The winner of that election will be one of the Governor’s four appointees.

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