Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has called on various agencies to work with Guam Police Department Chief J.I. Cruz to look into some of the issues surrounding this morning’s assault on a police officer.
Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Agency had reached out to the landlord of Hemlani Apartments to ensure the safety of several families who are agency clients renting apartments at the complex.
Chief Cruz and GHURA Director Mike Duenas met this afternoon with the landlord to express their concerns but also ask what they could do to assist the landlord to ensure the safety of all his tenants.
Thus far in the investigation, several minors along with two adults have been taken into custody. Alcohol was a factor in this situation, and police suspect it had a role in the dispute between two men that led to the call from someone in the neighborhood to police about a disturbance.
“We want to work with you because while this was likely an isolated incident, it makes it difficult for us to send our people to do their jobs,” said GPD Chief Cruz. “And the issue here is, we are responding to calls of disturbances because people are afraid for their safety.”
Guam Fire Department, Department of Revenue and Taxation, Department of Public Health and Social Services were among those who attended the meeting. Agency representatives also offered their assistance to help the landlords however they could.
Chief of Staff Mark Calvo thanked everyone for working together to address a community issue.
“We want to make sure that this remains an isolated incident and also do what we can to help because this situation cannot be ignored,” he stated. “We look forward to working with landlords to address safety and health issues they and their tenants may be facing.”
Chief of Staff added that this incident could have easily taken a turn for the worse with more people getting hurt: “I commend the police officers for staying calm when responding to the call of disturbance.”

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