“We can all do our part in making a difference in our community, and part of that means taking a stand against crime. Our Neighborhood Watch Program has been proactive, and I’m happy to see our residents get involved in their village safety efforts. Together, we can make Guam a safer and more secure place.”

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Citizens aid storeowner, robbery suspects apprehended
Two Merizo residents were recognized for assisting in the successful apprehension of suspects involved in last month’s armed robbery of a village mom-and-pop store.
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio presented Jonathan James Perez and Holoholokulani Kyle Fernandez Aquai with certificates, honoring them for their commitment to their neighborhood’s safety. The two men were among several residents who chased down and subdued two men after they attempted to rob the Merizo Papa Niyoc store. With Lt. Governor Tenorio were Mayor Ernest Chargualaf and GPD Chief J.I. Cruz.
Merizo Heroes
“I commend these individuals for their vigilance and concern for their village,” Lt. Governor Tenorio said. “All of us can contribute to the safety our neighborhoods. For everyone’s safety, we encourage anyone who witnesses crimes in their community to report it to police immediately.”
The residents were recognized during a townhall meeting for the village’s Neighborhood Watch Program. Merizo is one of numerous villages where a Neighborhood Watch Program is being established. The program enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with local police, to prevent and reduce crime in their communities. Program officials encourage the community to report criminal activity they witness or information they may have heard.
Guam Police Department Chief J.I. Cruz and his team has worked closely with Lt. Governor Tenorio and his public safety office to grow the Neighborhood Watch Program.
For more information on the Neighborhood Watch Program, call Aaron Unpingco or Lloyd Cubacub at 475-9380 or email nwp@guam.gov.

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