An educator, leader and son of Guam, Edward “Ed” Leon Guerrero Benavente has passed away.
“Though we know Ed leaves us for a better place, we join his family in grieving his departure from this life,” Governor Calvo stated. “His passion to see the strength, wisdom, knowledge and pride of the Chamorro people cannot be overstated: he was a champion of the Chamorro culture, from its traditions and language, to the rights of the indigenous people on political status. It is almost fitting then, that he would leave this world on the anniversary of another champion, Angel Santos.”
Benavente fought for the protection of Chamorro rights, land, culture and the right for self-determination. He was the former Ancestral Lands Commission executive director and also served as I Maga’lÃ¥hi of Nasion Chamoru.
“It is men like Ed, who have helped grow the Chamorro consciousness and fired up the cultural renaissance that we see today,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio stated. “As a teacher, a leader in our community and a son of Guam, Ed leaves a void that no one can fill.”


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