Fellow Guamanians here on Guam, in the States, and throughout the world:
Our apologies for the misinformation put out about when to watch Governor Calvo on Fox Business News tomorrow on Guam. Our office did not account for the Daylights Savings switch that happened today in the states.
The correct time to watch Governor Calvo on Guam is 11 a.m. tomorrow.
Guam residents can watch Governor Calvo’s appearance on The Independents on the following channels:
–       GTA GUDTV: Channel 54
–       MCV Docomo: Channel 20
Fox has taken an interest in the success of Guam’s fiscal policies. From the outside-looking-in, the contrasts between the fiscal decline of the U.S. government to the dynamic turnaround in the government of Guam couldn’t be greater. Guam’s credit rating went up while the U.S. government’s credit rating went down for the first time ever. The $323 million deficit Governor Calvo faced when he came into office became a $30 million surplus just a year later. The economy is stronger. There’s a focus on defeating the cycle of poverty. And while challenges exist, things seem on the up and up.
He will appear live via Skype on Monday at 9 p.m. on the East Coast and 6 p.m. on the West Coast.
Tune in to the show for more!

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