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“It’s not enough to just have a government that provides services, we need to be one that actively engages the community it serves. This is why we have ‘The Communications Corner’ every week on the radio; it’s so you can talk to your government leaders and tell them what your concerns are. This is what customer service is all about, being accessible to you, listening to your issues and working with you to find solutions to them. Tune in every Monday to give your input!” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo


Illegal dumping discussed on The Big Show’s Communications Corner                       

The Calvo Tenorio administration tackled the important topic of illegal dumping today, on Newstalk K57’s “The Big Show.”  The segment, called “The Communications Corner,” is a weekly opportunity to engage with your government, provided by show host Travis Coffman.  Today, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Eric Palacios spoke about his agency’s efforts to stop illegal dumping, and took questions from listeners about other environmental issues.

On the show, Palacios spoke about installing surveillance cameras throughout the island. Palacios informed the public that a few units were already purchased through the Revolving Recycling Fund.

Listeners called to report illegal dumping along NCS road, Barrigada Heights, and in the Harmon Industrial Park. One caller urged Palacios to send enforcement officers to give citations to violators. Another suggested that identifying violators of illegal dumping should be incorporated into village neighborhood watch programs.

If you missed your opportunity to call in to the radio show, you can still report illegal dumping and other concerns to Palacios.  Residents may call Guam EPA at 300-4751/52/53/54 or 300-3759, e-mail Eric.Palacios@guam.gov, or send messages on Facebook by searching “Guam EPA.”

The Communications Corner engages the public                                             

The Communications Corner is about government agencies engaging with you! You can listen to the segment by tuning into Newstalk K57 at 4 p.m. every Monday.  You can also watch our discussion on television on channel 6.

Last week, Carl Dominguez from Department of Public Works took part in the segment–answering questions and taking suggestions about roads and road repair throughout the island.

National Guard recruitment and return of soldiers discussed next week                    

Next week’s guest, Major General Benny Paulino will discuss how you or someone you know can join the Guam National Guard and learn about what the Guard is doing to help its returning soldiers get back into civilian life.

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