Fly Guam Updates Calvo on Progress
Press Update: February 11, 2011
(Adelup, Guam) Fly Guam, soon to be our newest local carrier, is expected to make its maiden voyage on February 25 from Guam to Hong Kong via Saipan.

Jeffrey Stern and Lisa Bordallo are on-island to usher in the new airline.  Jessica Trevino, a local employee of Fly Guam, accompanied Stern and Bordallo this afternoon to pay a courtesy visit to Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.
The airline has hired 35 new flight attendants and several mechanics from Guam and provided training to them to enable their new career.  Fly Guam’s destinations include:  Guam, Saipan, China, Taipei, and the Philippines.  The planes can carry up to 150 tourists to our beautiful island.
Governor Calvo said, “I’m eagerly anticipating watching the beautiful jet fly over Guam.  The Fly Guam logo will be a reminder to everyone who sees it that a paradise vacation is waiting for them on our island.”  The airplane body is decorated with the words “Fly Guam.”  Both the U.S. and Guam flags will be displayed.  The tail of each plane will display a paradise view of Guam.
From Left:  Lisa Bordallo, Governor Eddie  Baza Calvo, Jeffrey Stern and Jessica Trevino. The Fly Guam staff paid a courtesy visit to the Governor and invited the Governor to witness the airline’s maiden voyage on February 25.

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