Hagåtña, Guam – After Typhoon Mawar devastated the island damaging many of Guam’s public schools, Governor Leon Guerrero activated the Guam National Guard (GUNG) to support the Government and people of Guam with the island’s recovery. Starting before landfall, the GUNG was assigned to lead the military response efforts of all branches, including the Active Duty and Reserve components. Missions have included route clearance, traffic control, debris removal, commodity distribution, waste site security, emergency room support at Guam Memorial Hospital, the RISE UP program, and more. 

Most recently, Governor Leon Guerrero tasked the Guard to begin cleaning up typhoon debris at the island’s public schools. So far, GUNG has removed over 5,000 cubic yards of debris from 35 of 41 Guam public schools. 

The Governor also engaged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), who are part of the Guam Guard’s dual-status command, to help with debris removal at the schools. Beginning this Friday, July 21, USACE will launch its debris removal program for the island’s schools. The effort is in partnership with FEMA and the Office of the Governor of Guam. USACE teams will go school by school, making one pass per school, and load debris including vegetative debris, large appliances, construction debris, and metal that is along the right of way onto trucks to be hauled away.

Additionally, Governor Leon Guerrero instructed the Guam Office of Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense to work on procuring numerous items for the public schools including doors, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, gypsum boards, plywood, lumber and other materials needed for school repairs. OHC/OCD is also working on procuring contracts for mold remediation and fence repairs. OHC/OCD will be seeking FEMA reimbursement for these items and services. 


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