Governor applauds bipartisan support for balanced economic policy

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“It’s nice to see both Republicans and Democrats working together toward common goals for our people. Increasing the minimum wage without providing employers relief could put small business employees out of work. But with a tax cut and added exemptions to the GRT, we may be able to balance things better.”
—Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor thanks legislature for collaboration, bipartisan solutions                              
Governor Calvo thanks Senators Tony Ada, Yamashita, Duenas, Limtiaco, McCreadie, Morrison, and San Nicolas for supporting responsible economic policy. The bills they’ve introduced balances an imminent minimum wage increase with tax cuts. The GOP proposal to cut taxes and increase the exemption threshold for the GRT will help the smallest of small businesses to withstand the wage increase.
“If we want to pay workers more, we need to help small businesses to afford to do so without laying off staff or increasing their prices,” Governor Calvo said.
Governor:  Increasing minimum wage isn’t ‘magic bullet; heavy lifting needed         
Putting a few extra dollars in the pockets of hard working employees by legislation is certainly a step in the right direction toward improving the quality of life for this community.  However, Governor Calvo cautions leaders that increasing minimum wage cannot be the only initiative toward eliminating poverty on Guam.
“We can’t just artificially adjust the wage floor, think that’s enough, and expect things to improve.  We need to press forward, more determined than ever, to focus on education, training programs and sound economic policies that support the growth of the private, professional sector.  If we want Guamanians to be more successful, the Legislature has got to help our education and training agenda of building a community that is driven from within.” Governor Calvo said.

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