Governor Assures Public, Ready to Take Action in Unlikely Event of Danger
Press Update: March 18, 2011
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio met with federal and local agencies, along with radiation response and weather experts this morning regarding the ongoing Japan radiological incident. The Governor called the meeting to verify the threat to Guam is very low, and to assure all parties that the island is prepared in the unlikely event a response will be needed. The Governor releases the following statement:
“There is no evidence of radiological fallout on Guam from the nuclear plant incident in Japan. I want to assure the public the threat of radiological fallout from Japan is very low; however, as a precaution, federal and local agencies met this morning with me to assess the ongoing situation in Japan. Experts assured us the radiological hazard is very far out and will not cause any significant danger, even if it did reach Guam. No federal or local agency is raising any alarm for Guam.
“Federal and local agencies are assessing possible threats, no matter how inconsequential. Andersen Air Force Base is monitoring air quality. A U.S. EPA commander of radiation response arrived this morning to monitor air quality in Guam and the CNMI. His equipment is arriving tonight. The Guam National Guard is using radiation detection devices at the Post Office. All readings for harmful radiation have been negative. Officials also are monitoring for radiological fallout at the airport and the ships entering Guam. Precautions are being taken.
“The Guam Memorial Hospital also has supplies of potassium iodide, which ONLY will be needed IF dangerous amounts of radiation are present on Guam. GMH is ordering a larger supply in the unlikely event of dangerous radiation exposure. We just want to be extra careful. We don’t want to take any chances.
“Please be assured we will take swift and decisive action if it is warranted. If there is a real threat, just as there was when we evacuated low-lying areas during the Tsunami Warning, we are prepared with a response. This includes simple procedures for everyone to keep away from radiological fallout, and treatment for people exposed. At this time, though, there is no need for people to worry. We are monitoring the minimal threat, and we are prepared for a response.”

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