Hagåtña, Guam – The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) has selected Governor Lou Leon Guerrero for the Harry S. Truman Award. The Truman Award is the highest recognition conferred upon an individual by the NGAUS and honors those who have made sustained contributions of exceptional and far-reaching magnitude to the defense and security of the United States and its territories in a manner worthy of recognition at the national level. It is intended for civilian and military leaders and while a single deed or action may be considered as qualification for the award if it is sufficient in magnitude and significance, weight is given to sustained contributions. 

Governor Leon Guerrero received high praise in multiple letters of endorsement from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Indo-Pacific Command Commander, Missile Defense Agency Director, Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Joint Region Marianas Commander, and the East-West Center President: 

“The Honorable Lourdes A. Leon Guerrero has been a dedicated leader for the Island of Guam,” said Adjutant General Michael Cruz who nominated Governor Leon Guerrero for this prestigious honor and personally informed her of the award today. “Her leadership and vision have greatly impacted the far-reaching defense and security of the USINDOPACOM region and the United States of America as a whole. Her tireless efforts reflect great credit upon herself, the Island of Guam, and the United States of America.”

In addition to noting Governor Leon Guerrero’s support for the USS Theodore Roosevelt during the COVID-19 pandemic, Admiral J.C. Aquilino of the U.S. Navy added, “Governor [Leon] Guerrero has secured community support for a plethora of United States security initiatives. She has been instrumental in the ongoing coordination of the Defense Policy Review Initiative and the establishment of Camp Blaz, as well as the Pacific Deterrence Initiative activities at Anderson Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam. She further secured the support for a Republic of Singapore Fighter Detachment at Anderson Air Force Base. Guam’s support of this important U.S. partner’s detachment is a major contribution to strengthening the needed network of aligned allies and partners in the region.” 

“Governor [Leon] Guerrero is an insightful leader who recognizes Guam’s unique place in the defense of our Nation and has proven to be one of the strongest advocates for enhanced defense capabilities and facilities. She continually ensures that Guam is a gracious host to members of our Armed Forces, and she has shown an unparalleled dedication to building relationships between all branches of the military and the local community,” said General David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Vice Admiral of the USN J.A. Hill added, “The missile threat to Guam continues to rapidly evolve. Governor [Leon] Guerrero has been instrumental in assisting our work with the Commander of the Indo-Pacific Command to meet the requirement for a persistent layered missile defense capability on Guam against simultaneous raids of cruise, ballistic, and hypersonic missile threats and to field an operational capability by the end of this decade.” 

“Guam plays a strategic role in U.S. national defense and deterrence of the nation’s number one pacing threat, the People’s Republic of China and their activities, not only in the first island chain, but in the Pacific. Consequently, Guam has been the host of a sustained posture buildup of the U.S. Joint Force and its allies that will continue over the next ten years. She has been an advocate for the Guam Defense System and has conducted outreach to key Congressional leaders to advocate for the security of the people of Guam, the nation, and the region. She supported the USS Theodore Roosevelt’s COVID-19 crisis when other locations were unwilling to support. Further, she has supported the integration of the Guam National Guard in the security activities with the Joint Force and has supported families of all military forces in Guam to ensure their health and welfare. Governor Leon Guerrero has done all of this and so much more while maintaining positive community relationships with the military, foreign allies and partners, and the people of Guam,” said Suzanne Puanani Vares-Lum, President of the East-West Center. 

To view the complete list of awardees, visit https://www.ngaus.org/about-ngaus/awards/2023-award-recipients


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