NEWS:  New Laws Make “Spice” Illegal, Strengthen Education Curricula for Future Workforce Needs, Ensure Educational Opportunities for Individuals With Disabilities

January 4, 2012
Public school students at elementary and middle school levels may soon have the opportunity to explore subjects and career interests before entering high school with the enactment of the College and Career Readiness Act.  Introduced by Senator Sam Mabini and signed into law by the Governor today, the new public law requires the Guam Department of Education to deliver a curriculum that helps students from kindergarten through the 12th grade develop both academic and technical skills to succeed with their post-secondary education goals and careers.
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo took action on several bills passed by the Guam Legislature recently, including another education-related measure introduced by Senator Aline Yamashita.  The new law ensures individuals with disabilities are provided the appropriate facilities and services needed to lead productive, independent lifestyles.
“Building a sustainable economy starts with our people.  We’ve got to make sure our children, especially those with disabilities, have access to every opportunity for the best education and training so they are ready for the jobs of the future,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo said.  “I thank Senators Mabini and Yamashita for taking action on these important initiatives.”
Governor Calvo also signed Vice Speaker BJ Cruz’s Public Law 31-164 banning the sale and use of a synthetic cannabis known as “spice.”
“I visited the Alee Shelter a few weeks ago.  I’ve met with so many children and families who are suffering because of a loved one’s drug use.  I’m grateful Vice Speaker Cruz has been an advocate and educator promoting the anti-drug movement.” Governor Calvo said.  “We’ve got to do all we can to protect the community, especially our children, from drugs.  We definitely need to keep our eyes and ears open for the newer forms of these drugs entering Guam.”
Governor Calvo also applauded the successful work of Senator Mana Silva Taijeron whose newest law promotes the use of locally-owned businesses.   It requires all businesses seeking a Qualifying Certificate to utilize Guam-licensed local companies for professional advice and support services.
Nine other bills were signed into public law by Governor Calvo this morning.  They are:

  • PL 31-157:  requires a “Land Zoning Consideration Report” from the Department of Land Management for any zoning legislation.  It was authored by Senator Chris Duenas.


  • PL 31-159:  creates the Guam Film Office.  It was authored by Senator Tina Muña Barnes.


  • PL 31-161:  authorizes the use of local funds for matching grants for the Veterans Cemetery and approves a conceptual capital improvement plan for expansion of the cemetery.  It was authored by Senator Tom Ada.
  • PL  31-162:  places the Taga’chang Beach Park under the administrative authority of the Yona Mayor.  It was authored by Senator Judith Guthertz.


  • PL 31-163:  authorizes the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Guam to re-appoint a sitting magistrate for one additional term of four years without legislative confirmation based on unanimous recommendation by the Judicial Council.  It was authored by Senator Adolpho Palacios.


  • PL 31-165:  authorizes the sale of a portion of a lot under the inventory of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.  It was authored by Senator Tony Ada.


  • PL 31-166:  helps lessen the financial impact of a population increase on first-time homeowners purchasing a home under the Guam Housing Corporation.  It was authored by Senator Ben Pangelinan.


  • PL 31-167:  authorizes a land transaction under the Department of Land Management.  It was authored by Senator Ben Pangelinan.


  • PL 31-168:  amends the jurisdiction of the Guam State Clearinghouse’s purview over all federal aid programs, grants, loans, contracts, contributions, appropriations, advances, direct federal development and other federal funding sources for the government of Guam.  It was authored by Senator Rory Respicio.

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