Governor’s Office Receives Money to Aid Violence Against Women Organizations


November 23, 2011
(Adelup, Guam) The Office of the Governor received a grant for $659,856.00 from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.  The grant will be used to assist local criminal justice agencies and service providers from Non-Government Organizations  to address statutory purpose areas and/or program priorities under the Services*Training*Officers*Prosecutors (STOP) program.
Funding distributions will be based on the mandatory allocations for law enforcement (25%), prosecution (25%), courts (5%), discretionary (15%), and NGO services (30%). After deducting 10% for administrative purposes, $178,161.00 is available for NGOs.
By statute, the STOP program supports communities in their efforts to develop and strengthen law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat violent crimes against women.  The program develops and strengthens victim services in cases involving violent crimes against women.
Specific  STOP  VAW 2011 program information may be obtained at the GCO-FPO office, Upper West Wing, Office of the Governor, Adelup.
For information, please contact Grants Administrator Cecilia Morrison or Program Coordinators Dwain Sanchez or Evonnie Hocog At 475-9162/78/79,

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