Guam in COR2: Get ready: storm intensifying, slowsShelters open tomorrow, pregnant women to GMH tomorrow, COR1 possible about 8 a.m.
JIC Release No. 2
Storm update, July 29, 2014
The storm is intensifying and has slowed down. It is now expected to come closest to Guam at 11 p.m. tomorrow. The wind speed expected for Guam has increased to 60 mph with gusts to 75 mph.
The governor and the admiral have placed Guam and its military installations in Condition of Readiness 2.
GovGuam non-essential agencies are now closed. The Governor has activated the Emergency Operations Center to make sure GovGuam and the military are prepared to keep residents safe.
What should you do…
1. Put up your shutters. Please be careful; it’s dark and it’s wet.
2. Pick up objects that heavy winds can move around your yard, and store them.
3. Make sure you have your emergency storm kit in a place that’s easy to get to.
4. Pay attention for updates on the storm from:
a. Governor Calvo’s Facebook page, Eddie Baza Calvo
b. Guam Homeland Security’s Facebook page
c. All AM & FM radio stations partnered with the Joint Information Center (listing provided in previous email)
d. Local news websites
5. Keep a battery-operated radio and batteries on hand. This is the only way you’ll be able to get information on the storm if the power goes off.
Help family and friends
When you’re done securing your homes and you know someone elderly, living with a disability, or who will otherwise need help, please see how you can help them. And if you know a neighbor who has no way of getting information about the storm, please let your neighbor know what the updates are.
Emergency shelters opening TOMORROW morning
It will be safer for residents seeking emergency shelter to travel there in the morning. It is not as safe for so many residents to be driving or walking at night while it’s raining. The onset of heavy winds and rains aren’t expected until later in the morning. Therefore, we will not open the emergency shelters until 5 a.m. tomorrow. We’ll release the list of shelter sites and guidelines for the shelters later tonight.
Pregnant women can check in TOMORROW morning
Likewise, women who are 38 weeks (or more) pregnant, or high-risk pregnant women, can start checking in to GMH tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. We’ll put out further guidelines in a release later tonight.
The possibility of Condition of Readiness 1
The governor and the admiral may declare COR1 around 8 a.m. tomorrow if the storm continues on its path. At that time, residents should stay indoors.
Please call the Joint Information Center, which is now fully activated, at 478-0208.
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