Hagåtña, Guam – The Guam Homeless Coalition (GHC) announces the release of its Housing and Homelessness Action Framework for 2023, which will serve as a guide to homelessness response on Guam through 2028. The Homelessness Action Framework is a product of the GHC Housing and Homelessness Summit, which took place in November 2022. The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration sponsored the summit with the GHC and the University of Guam’s Guam Green Growth (G3) to reacquaint partners, refocus, and reevaluate homeless response resources. The Housing and Homelessness Action Framework includes targeted objectives with action items to be met in 1, 3, and 5-year timelines assigned to the GHC, various Government of Guam agencies, and partner non-profit organizations. Examples of the action items include creating a landlord network to form an advocacy and partnership to increase affordable rental units, improving Government agency processing and customer service, and creating pathways for jobs and education.

“The timing of our first Housing and Homelessness Summit and the creation of this framework has been impeccable,” says Guam Homeless Coalition Chairperson Samantha Taitano. “During the summit, Guam Homeless Coalition member organizations, individuals with lived experience, government agencies, and concerned citizens all came together to share their experiences, challenges, successes, and hope for the future of our island and its people. The passion and ideas shared during the summit are reflected in our framework, with realistic milestones that will engage our stakeholders to work towards real change for our community.”

“Our goal with the Summit was to create a plan with achievable metrics. Recognizing that homelessness is a complex issue, we encourage our stakeholders to reassess their progress and pivot to the most effective strategy to reach their objectives,” said Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio. “Utilizing this plan, paired with the ongoing work of the Interagency Council on Homeless Programs, this action framework is a valuable resource for all stakeholders.”

The GHC plans to hold the summit annually to measure progress and continuously improve its outreach and methods for decreasing homelessness. To view the Housing and Homelessness Action Framework for 2023, visit governor.guam.gov/ohapp.


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