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“We are so fortunate to have people in our community who want to make a difference. I am grateful for Mr. Paulsen’s generosity and the dedication of volunteer firefighters and community partners who made this possible. This partnership has brought together so many different people from the mainland United States to our Pacific paradise for one thing–to enhance the safety of the people of Guam.”
-Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio
Guam Fire Department Receives Equipment                                               
The Guam Fire Department received nearly $250,000 worth of firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) today at their headquarters. The donation was made possible through the efforts of Gerald Paulsen and firefighters from five volunteer fire departments of Ozaukee County Wisconsin, Kapco Incorporated, Matson Navigation, Approved Freight Forwarders, and Dewitt Movers.
Private-Public Partnership Benefits the Residents of Guam                      
Paulsen spearheaded the collection and solicitation of firefighting equipment with the help of Lt. Wayne Merkle of the Grafton Fire Department. Paulsen drove to each fire station to collect the donation of equipment. Over the course of 6 months Mr. Paulsen collected nearly 6 tons worth of equipment.
Working closely with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Mr. Paulsen organized the transportation of goods at no cost to the government of Guam. Kapco Incorporated packaged the equipment for shipping.  Matson Navigation, Approved Freight Forwarders, and Dewitt Movers facilitated the move from Wisconsin to California to Guam and finally to the Guam Fire Department storage facility.
No Funding for PPE Put GFD Firefighters at Risk                                             
Acquiring equipment like this has always been challenging for GFD. Guam’s firefighters have had to use their equipment longer than the industry recommends, which put their safety and firefighting capability at risk. This donation is essential to ensuring Guam’s firefighters can meet the safety needs of the people of Guam.
“One of the biggest challenges for the Guam Fire Department is obtaining funds for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our Firefighters.  This donation enables us to meet some of those needs.  We are hopeful that we can build upon this relationship and continue to seek out more opportunities like this.”

-Fire Chief John Wusstig



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