01.27.14 The GUamanian Connection
“No matter how far away we live or how long ago we last visited we all carry a piece of our island home with us.Guamanians are all rooted in the rich history, culture, and traditions that are characteristic of Guam. There are so manyGuamanians throughout the United States who regularly get together to celebrate important fiestas and holidays. There are community organizations that perpetuate our language, dance practices, faith and tradition even though they are far away. TheGuamanian Connection will bring Guamanians living in the states together to share important events and keep theGuamanian spirit alive, wherever they are. ” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor’s Washington Office Launches: The GuamanianConnection                     
The Washington Office of the Governor will launch The GuamanianConnection, a program to engage Guamanians living in the United States.  The Guamanian Connection will reach out to many of the 147,717Guamanians living in the United States and use social media to preserve the Chamorro culture and the Guamanian values.
Census indicates almost 150k Guamanians in the 50 states and the District of Columbia
According to the results of the 2010 US Census, there are 147,717 people in the 50 states and the District of Columbia who identify themselves as beingGuamanian or Chamorro alone, or combined with another race/ethnicity.
Guamanians living in over 300 Congressional districts                                                   
The Guamanian Connection has identified the pockets of Guamanians who reside within over 300 congressional districts. Guam’s representative to the United States House of Representatives is a non-voting member. These voters can push Guam’s agenda forward through their voting members of Congress.
“The Guamanian Connection will help our office, along with the office of Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo identify the members of Congress with a number of Guamanians who live in their districts,” says Jay Rojas, Director of the Washington Office of the Governor. “This connection enables the Washington DC team ensure that the representatives in Congress see the value of the Guamanians in their districts.”
Social media tools will connect our community                                               
“All across the United States, groups of Guamanians gather and celebrate fiestas, christenings and other landmark family events,” Rojas said.  “The Guamanian connection will help us share each other’s life events and bring our community back together.”
The interoperability of new and existing social media sites allows the simple use of #guamconnect in each of our posts. This will help us to share what is happening with our people, instantly.
“Guamanians may be a small group of people, but our reach is vast,” Rojas said.

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