“There are resources available to Guamanian families that help people to get an education and qualify for jobs. Not everyone is aware of just what kind of support is available to them and their families. Often, that’s the first obstacle, not knowing what’s out there. We want more families to know that they can achieve their dreams.” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Programs to Help You: The Future is Yours
Finding a job or returning to school is an expensive task, especially for working parents. The cost of daycare, gas, court and police clearances and registration are huge financial burdens on families. This burden leaves little room in household budgets for educational advancement and job training.
There are programs available for families who want to return to school, but simply can’t afford to. These programs offer support services to help ease the financial challenges. They offer reimbursements for daycare, gas money, and job training so parents can pursue their educational and career dreams.
Fliers Available at Local Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
We’ve attached a flier informing you about these services.
These fliers will be available at California Mart, Cost-U-Less, Payless Supermarkets, 7 Day Supermarkets in Yona & Harmon, and American Grocery for you to pick-up today and throughout the weekend.

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WORKS Program FLIER-final 



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