JOBS NEWS:  High School Students Set to Experience Workforce
AHRD Program holds orientation with Passport-to-Careers participants
July 16, 2012
Two hundred and fifty high school students will be getting their first experience as members of Guam’s workforce through the Passport-to-Careers program.  The Agency for Human Resource Development is following through with Governor Eddie Baza Calvo’s vision to strengthen the local workforce and build a sustainable future from within.
“You are the future of this island,” Governor Calvo told the students.  “And looking out here today and experiencing this energy makes me optimistic about where Guam is headed.  You will take our island to greater heights and I want you to keep reaching for your dreams.  Use this experience to look beyond and see what careers are out there for you.  Most importantly, stay in school and get your education.  Education is the key to your future.”
Passport-to-Careers is a federally funded program that offers high school students an opportunity to work with government agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector businesses. The students will undergo work readiness programs through AHRD to prepare them for their upcoming job assignments.  The year-long program provides participants with minimum wage compensation.
“This is an exciting program for our high school students to participate in,” Senator Chris Duenas, who has been an ardent proponent of workforce investment said.  “This gives them the opportunity to get real world experience and develop skills that they can use throughout their careers.”
The students attended this morning’s orientation with their parents or guardians at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort.
“Building a sustainable future starts with preparing our people first.  Kids need something to do with the summer.  Putting them to work to earn a wage and learn life skills is a good use of this time,” Governor Calvo said.  “I was impressed with the amount of participants who came and I was even more impressed that their parents were there supporting them every step of the way.”
“AHRD is taking the necessary steps to build our workforce,” Senator Sam Mabini said.  “What’s even better is they’re guiding Guam’s youth to get the experience they’ll need while generating their interest in potential careers.”  Senator Mabini is a member of the Guam Workforce Investment Board, which oversees the programs and funding at AHRD for projects such as this.
To learn more about the Passport-to-Careers program, contact the Agency for Human Resource Development at 475-7000.
Contact Natalie Quinata at 475-9309 or 488-6013 for more information.

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