Hagåtña, Guam – Lieutenant Governor Joshua Tenorio will participate in the 2023 Aerospace States Association (ASA) Annual Meeting and Policy Summit in Boulder, Colorado, from July 10 to July 14. Lt. Governor Tenorio will be moderating a panel discussion for “Emerging Market Opportunities,” featuring top officials from Maxar, AstroScale US, Advanced Space, and CisLunar. Guam accepted the invitation to join the organization from ASA Chairperson and Colorado Lt. Governor Diana Primavera. 

Lt. Governor Tenorio will be focused on promoting the Antonio B. Won Pat Guam International Airport as a prime location for expanded commercial aviation activities and aerospace operations. He will also meet with the commanders of the U.S. Space Command, U.S. Air Force Academy, and the U.S. Northern Command and NORAD as part of the administration’s efforts to bolster community defense initiatives for the island.  

“Guam also plays an undeniable role in ensuring a free and open IndoPacific. I look forward to promoting the Guam National Guard and seeking support to expand its capabilities and mission to support the defense of our island. The engagement with ASA is timely as we prepare to learn more about Guam’s planned role in the Pacific Deterrence initiative and the Guam Missile Defense Program during the upcoming scoping activities by the Missile Defense Agency,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. “Guam’s participation provides us with a unique opportunity to influence and shape federal aerospace and aviation policy and create opportunities for our island to diversify our economy. I will promote our commercial aviation facilities and strategic location.” 

The Aerospace States Association (ASA) is a nonpartisan organization of lieutenant governors, governor-appointed delegates, members of Tribal Governments, industry professionals, and leaders in academia committed to advancing national aerospace and aviation policy. 

ASA advocates for research and design funding, workforce training, economic development, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education across the United States of America to create a united approach to advancing aerospace and aviation. 

For more information, visit https://aerostates.org/home.


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