The Department of Administration and Department of Revenue and Taxation are preparing to mail out 643 tax refund checks totaling $2.4 million. This latest round of checks will cover status A, or error-free, tax returns filed up to Jan. 21, 2016.
This is another year where tax refunds are being paid out to taxpayers within months of their returns being filed and are being made without borrowing for what is now the fourth consecutive year. That’s more than $400 million in tax refunds.  Notably, about $200 million of the $400 million was for Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) refunds.  EITC is a federal mandate ordered by the federal court to be paid by the Government of Guam. However, unlike the federal government where they pay EITC from federal treasury to federal taxpayers, Guam pays EITC from the general fund and is not reimbursed for this expenditure from the federal treasury.

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