Our administration works hard every day to help our families.  If it means that you are one step closer to a good career, a home of your own, or a healthy family, we will do it. I’m so grateful to have government agencies, corporate partners, and non-profit organizations that share this belief.  This fair helped 700 Guamanians reach their dreams — which is a direct result of all the efforts from people who supported this event.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Hundreds flood Families Fair looking for help                                                                   
The Micronesia Mall’s center court was filled to capacity yesterday, at the Governor’s 1st annual Families Fair.  The event, hosted by Newstalk K57’s Travis Coffman, showed Guamanians government programs, non-profit services, and business solutions to make their dreams come true.  Hundreds of families came to the fair to find out how they can get a good paying job, own a home, or further their education.
Results by the numbers                                                                                                         
Preliminary numbers from participants show up to 700 Guamanians were helped at this event.  Here are highlights from some organizations:

  • The Department of Public Health and Social Services signed up 224 people to their social service programs, including food stamps and daycare stipends.
  • Coast360 Federal Credit Union pre-approved loans totaling approximately $121,000 to applicants.
  • The Agency for Human Resource Development and the Department of Labor collectively signed up about 70 Guamanians for job placement and training.
  • The Guam Housing Corporation helped 120 to apply for loan and housing placement programs.
  • A new program from the Guam Department of Education that helps students and parents address issues with teen pregnancy processed 80 interested applicants.
  • Twenty-five Guamanians expressed interest in enlisting in the Guam National Guard.

Participants from government and private sector help 700 Guamanians                     
The Governor’s Office would like to thank the following organizations, agencies, and businesses who contributed to the Fair’s success:
– Micronesia Mall                                           – GTA TeleGuam
– Travis Coffman                                             – Rigalu Foundation
– Coast 360 Federal Credit Union                 – Bank of Guam
– Bank Pacific                                                  – Community First Federal Credit Union
– Guam Association of Realtors                    – Senator Aline Yamashita’s Office
– Judiciary of Guam                                       – Guam Trades Academy
– Island Girl Power                                          – Hurao Academy
– Rainbows for all Children                            – Sanctuary Inc.
– AHRD                                                              – GEDA
– Department of Labor                                  – Department of Land Management
– Guam Police Department              – Department of Public Works
– Guam Fire Department                               – Guam Community College
– Guam Early Learning Council                    – Department of Education
– University of Guam                                      – Guam Energy Office
– Guam EPA                                                     – Guam Public Library System
– Guam Housing Corporation                       – GHURA
– I Famagu’on-ta                                           – DISID/DVR
– DPHSS                                                           – Department of Revenue and Taxation
– Department of Administration                – National Guard

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