08.09.13 GIAA Fire Fighting Unit
“We always have to be prepared. It is important that we can adequately respond to any emergency situation. The firefighting vehicle that the airport received funding for helps GIAA meet that mission.”
– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
NOTE: This release provides additional detail to the news of the grant award from Congresswoman Bordallo’s office. The Governor’s office, as always, thanks the Congresswoman’s office for its support of our agencies’ federal grant applications.
New Rescue Vehicle from Federal Grant to Airport                                                         
The airport was awarded federal money to buy a specialized vehicle needed to rescue passengers and workers from a burning plane. The $1 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration will pay to replace an outdated Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting vehicle.
ARFF firefighters will be trained to use equipment                                                           
This vehicle has the capability to penetrate the body of an aircraft carrier when trying to locate the source of a fire. Upon arrival of the vehicle the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting members will be trained to operate the new equipment.
The airport applied for this grant in May 2013. On average, GIAA receives $4.4 million in federal funds, annually.

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