Governor Calvo thanks all private and public workers and employers for every ounce of sweat, sacrifice, and confidence they have put into Guam since he came to office. In March 2011 the unemployment rate was a whopping 13.3%. The Department of Labor released statistics moments ago that shows unemployment was cut nearly in half to 7.4% as of March 2014 (see note after news release).
While the downward trend is a cause for celebration for those who got jobs, Governor Calvo will not be satisfied until everyone who wants a job is gainfully employed.
“We have a ways to go, but things are moving the right way,” Governor Calvo said. “We’ll continue our push in education, job training, GED- and adult high school diplomas, and growing this economy. The formula is working. We just have to keep pushing.”
Unemployment has not been this low in nearly a decade: since 2006. The number of employed Guamanians in the Civilian Labor Force Statistics at 66,720 has never been higher.
“Thank you to the workers and employers of Guam. It’s your confidence in yourselves and this economy that is moving us forward. I thank your families, too, for being there to support you as you sacrificed to earn that paycheck to support them. Guam is growing. More confidence in our island will help us grow even more, creating more jobs for those who want to work.” – Governor Calvo
Please call Julius Santos at 475-9309 for more information.

​NOTE: GDOL released two unemployment reports today: December 2013 and March 2014.

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