Calvo orders five-fold expansion of curbside appliance & furniture removal, illegal dumping cleanup program; adds green waste disposal

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“We must balance progress with the protection of our resources.  As we build, we should focus on sustainable development.  This is the responsibility we have to our future generations.  I’m giving the mayors and vice mayors this money so they can clean even more of our neighborhoods and streets.  But most importantly, once our villages are clean, we will fine everyone caught littering and dumping illegally.  We will put a focus on irresponsible operations that are hurting our island.  We will protect Guam for our people today and for the generations to come.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Curbside pickup for broken appliances, green waste coming soon                
Do you have an old couch or broken washing machine you want to get rid of?  Any other furniture or appliance?  What about green waste?  Thanks to Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera, there’s an even greater probability that a truck will be by your home some day soon with workers who will load your waste and take it away.  There’ll even be more resources for illegal dumping cleanup, and now, funding to get rid of green waste.
Governor increases recycling program by five fold                                                        
Last week, the Governor signed the release of $400,000 for the mayors to remove household goods and clean up illegal dump sites.  After reviewing what’s in the Recycling Revolving Fund, Mayor Rivera asked the Governor to release five times that amount to get more homes and to add green waste disposal to the list.  This morning, the Governor ordered the release of an additional $2.5 million to get the job done.
Here’s the list of what will be done with this money                                                         
This partnership with the Mayors and Vice Mayors of Guam will dispose of the following waste:

  • Junk vehicles, tires, batteries, waste oil, white goods/appliances
  • Paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass
  • Green waste, especially those infested by invasive species like the rhino beetle and little fire ant
  • Other recyclable materials as determined by the GEPA Administrator

Coming up with the plan                                                                                                       
The Guam Environmental Protection Agency will be working with the Mayors Council of Guam to determine how the $2.9 million total will be spent.  This may include an investment into heavy equipment that will benefit villages in the long term.  For example, a couple of bulldozers to clean illegal dumpsites can be used down the line for any number of projects to improve neighborhoods.
Cleaning Guam as the economy takes off with development                            
The Governor believes it is critical to clean up the island during this period of economic growth for two major reasons:

  1. Development always must be balanced with environmental stewardship and protection of natural resources
  2. A clean island leads to increased investor and consumer confidence, which means even more economic development


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