GMHA nurses, doctors, staff members, and  family members, 514 and counting, submitted to lawmakers tonight a petition supporting a measure  that would payoff GMH outstanding payables but also urging lawmakers to take the measure a step further by addressing capital improvements.
The petition presented at tonight’s hearing on Bill 340 at the Legislature reads: “We the undersigned staff, nurses, physicians and family members of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority urge senators to pass Bill No. 340-33 (COR) with amendments to address GMHA’a critical funding and capital improvement needs.”
Bill 340 was introduced earlier this month which seeks to refinance certain GovGuam debts and finance $30 million in outstanding vendor payables at GMH. It was introduced by health chairman, Senator Dennis Rodriguez, soon after a similar measure was proffered by the Governor that, among other things, invests in new facilities and equipment at at GMH that would generate more revenues at the hospital.
The governor’s measure, Bill No. 338, would also upgrade GMH’s IT systems, thereby in large improving efficiencies in hospital billings and collections seeks to create new program to cover un-insured employees.
I applaud the health chairman’s efforts toward addressing GMH’s payables, but we need to come together and address sustainability at the hospital,” Gov. Calvo said. “We need to build the hospital in order to expand its services in a manner that will improve the hospital’s revenue generating capacity. To continue without making these improvements will mean GMH will continue to find itself in this situation of incurring massive payables and begging the Legislature for temporary bailouts. I say enough is enough, we need permanent solutions for GMH.”

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