March 8, 2012

A handful of government workers and community partners were present at the Department of Youth Affairs Main Compound today as DYA received donated appliances from members of the community.
DYA, which assists at-risk youth who go through the juvenile justice system, received two commercial washing machines and a refrigerator through the collective efforts of senatorial candidate Brant McCreadie, Mr. Lee Heather, owner of Molly’s Irish Sports Pub, Route 66 Pub, W Pub and Mars Pub, and the Home Depot.
“By your contribution, we are able to help these young people. On behalf of DYA, and the government of Guam, we thank you for remembering us and remembering the kids,” said DYA Director Adonis Mendiola.
Director Mendiola explained how the washers are extremely appreciated because the operations at the Mangilao compound make for the washers to be used two to three times a day. This has led to the wear of the equipment, and need for repairs and maintenance that
“We have really great benefactors on the island that help the people on Guam,” said Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio. “We reached out to the community and these admirable citizens, and their organizations, answered that call. They are the real champions that made this happen.”
Photo Cutline:  Senatorial candidate Brant McCreadie and Lee Heather of (Molly’s,W,Route 66) donated two LG steam washers and one LG refrigerator from Home Depot to The Department of Youth Affairs in Mangilao,Guam.
For more information, please call Raymond D. Gibson at 475-9380.

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