Guam welcomed the French Polynesia Advance Team from Tahiti this week to discuss ongoing preparations for the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts on Guam. The advance team met with Festival Director Rose Ramsey and Programming Committee Chair Monica Guzman to discuss the festival’s various events, housing, and cultural performances.

In the last few months, Pacific Way officials and advance teams for the delegations from island nations throughout the Pacific including Palau, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia and Hawaii have made their way to Guam in preparation for FestPac, which is slated as the biggest cultural event in the region. The delegations will begin arriving to Guam next month.

From May 22 through June 4, Guam will host approximately 3,000 artists from 25 Pacific island nations during the 14-day cultural celebration. This will be the largest event to hit the island’s shores since the 1999 South Pacific Games.

French Polynesia Advance Team

From left: Manouche Leharthel, cultural advisor to the Minster of Culture and the head of the French Polynesia delegation; Rose Ramsey, festival director; and Kimberly Camacho, staff assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff.

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