05.21.13 DOI Approves Calvo's FY13 Compact Request (1) 05.21.13 DOI Approves Calvo's FY13 Compact Request (1).2

“We’re going to be able to maintain roads, get more buses for school kids, and finally renovate park bathrooms throughout the island. We’re excited about this news, and eager for more progress to come.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
DOI Approves Calvo’s Request                                                                                            
In the near future: School kids will have 12 new buses; Department of Public Works employees will have new equipment for road maintenance; 24 parks will have clean and modern restrooms; the Mayor’s Council of Guam will finally be able to repair and renovate community facilities; and structural repairs will be made to three dilapidated buildings. The Governor’s request to use $6 million in Capital Improvement Project grants for these projects was approved by the U.S. Department of the Interior.
DPW: $2M for 12 School Buses + Maintenance                                                                 
The Department of Public Works will receive $2,063,000 to purchase 12 new school buses. These buses are estimated to cost $160,000 each, and preventative maintenance will cost $143,000. DPW anticipates the invitation for bids period will take one month, the evaluation of the IFB will take another month, the contracting period will take one month, and delivery of the buses will take six- to seven months.
DPW : $2.5 M for Heavy Equipment and Structural Repairs                                              
The Department of Public Works will receive an additional $2.5 million to purchase heavy equipment and to make structural repairs to dilapidated buildings. Part of the funding will be used for the preventive maintenance of the equipment that DPW receives. DPW anticipates the invitation for bids will take one month, another month for the evaluation of IFB, the contracting period will take one month, and delivery between four- to five months.
DPR: $1M for Restroom Repairs at 24 Parks throughout the Island                                  
DOI approved $1,000,000 for the Department of Parks and Recreation. DPR will use this money to upgrade existing restroom facilities throughout our island’s park system inclusive of painting, plumbing, electrical work, and ADA compliance modernization. Upgrades include a preventive maintenance schedule of each facility to ensure continued operation of these facilities. DPR will upgrade the following facilities:
  • Dededo Skate Park
  • Northern Sports Complex (Gym & Pool)
  • Dededo Village Extension
  • Hagatna Central Park
  • Guerrero Stadium
  • Paseo Stadium
  • Sen. Angel L.G. Santos Memorial Park (Latte Stone Park)
  • Padre Jose Y. Torres Palomo Beach Park
  • Tepungan Bay Beach Park
  • Governor Joseph Flores Beach Park (Ypao)
  • Ladera Overlook
  • Puntan Dos Amantes
  • Matapang Beach Park
  • DPR Headquarters (AganaHeights)
  • Tanguisson Beach Park
  • Mangilao Children’s Park
  • Nimitz Beach Park
  • Sirena Beach Park
  • Salagula Pool Park
  • Talofofo Bay Beach Park
  • Ipan Beach Park
  • Fort Soledad Park
  • Tagachang Beach Park

MCOG : $500K Renovations to Community Facilities                                                        
DOI approved $520,000 for the Mayor’s Council of Guam for repairs and renovations to community facilities. The 19 villages will receive $25,000 each to repair facilities in their villages used by the community. The identified areas include: gymnasiums, community centers, baseball fields, and parks.  The MCOG hopes these repairs will create better cared for facilities, and a healthier and more active community.

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